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HOW TO … Enable Partner Access

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As a Channel Partner, a new tab for referrals should now be available to you via your mVoice customer portal, as seen below;

Partner Access 1

The first thing you will be presented with is the mVoice channel partner logos.

We encourage you to add one or more mVoice back-links to relevant areas of your website (This will contribute to making you eligible for certain competitions and giveaways), and any sales generated via these links will automatically relate that customer to your account for commission calculations and support access.

The next tab displays your customers;

Partner Access 2

Until a referred customer signup is complete it will look like this.

When a new customer logs into their portal, the front page will have a section for Technical contact;

Partner Access 3

Edit will present them with the following window to enter your details;

Partner Access 4

As customers are linked, you will seem them listed as below in your portal, and from here you can manage your customer configurations;

Partner Access 5

If your customers enable Partner Access you will be able to login to their portal from your Customers tab. This will let you perform troubleshooting and plan changes, handset configurations and more.


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