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Will VoIP impact upon my businesses EFTPOS, fax and security alarm systems?

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VoIP systems are often interconnected with other systems in your business, including alarm systems, fax machines and EFTPOS, all of which can run off IP in the same way as VoIP. The question is – how will your VoIP system interact with these other systems?

Let’s split them into three categories.


Formally, EFTPOS relied on the PTSN (Public Telephone Switch Network) which is basically a connection to a phone line. However, with many businesses switching to VoIP, it may be a hassle to connect a PTSN phone line for EFTPOS alone. You can use your EFTPOS system through your VoIP connection, but the system must be modified to operate a VoIP service. Without this, it can be unreliable on occasion. The other option is to retain a PTSN line for your EFTPOS connection.


Yes, it’s true – people still use faxes (and you may be one of those people!). Not to worry – mVoice is taking the pain out of faxing by offering a fax to email service which is included in your monthly subscription. It works just like an email, but allows you to send faxes without needing a machine and from anywhere you can access your email. Simply type your ‘fax’ and it will be sent to the recipient’s fax machine. Conversely, any faxes you receive will be sent to your email. For a full how to, take a look at mVoice’s tutorial.

Security Alarm Systems

This can be tricky and largely dependant on your alarm system provider. Many companies connect the alarm system through a PTSN phone line but most systems can also connect through VoIP. The best thing to do is speak to our friendly customer service team, telling them the details of your alarm system and they will be able to assist you further.



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